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carte 55.jpg.jpg23-Aug-2009 Photographer--
carte 57.jpg.jpg23-Aug-2009 Barber--
carte 47.jpg.jpg23-Aug-2009 Shoeshiner--
carte 53.jpg.jpg23-Aug-2009 Restaurant keeper--
carte 54.jpg.jpg23-Aug-2009 Milkman--
carte 92.jpg.jpg27-Jul-2009 Agios Eleftherios, Small Mitropolis, 2--
carte 90.jpg.jpg27-Jul-2009 Agios Eleftherios, Small Mitropolis, 1--
buildings 51.jpg.jpg8-Jun-2010 Buildings, Poultry House--
buildings 51.jpg.jpg8-Jun-2010 Buildings, Poultry House--
vip photo 24.jpg.jpg13-Jul-2010 U.S. V.P. Johnson, his wife Lady Bird and daughter talking to the press and holding the leashes of a small donkey, Bruce Lansdale is next to them, 1963--

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